Recognizing the significance of top-notch audio in gaming is essential. Whether you opt for earbuds or invest in the finest gaming headphones, the quality of sound The determining factor between success and failure can hinge on various elements. especially in adrenaline-fueled games like Fortnite or Call of Duty.

However, if you’re not a professional gamer, shelling out money for a new gaming headset with a microphone isn’t a necessity to excel in your Xbox gaming sessions. How to Connect AirPods to Xbox One, albeit with some considerations. Continue reading to discover how to link AirPods to your Xbox and be aware of the limitations you might encounter.

Can You Connect AirPods to an Xbox One, S, or X?

Microsoft has designed the preferred method for linking headphones and controllers with Xbox One, S, and X through the Xbox Wireless protocol. Consequently, these consoles do not inherently support Bluetooth audio.

For earbuds like AirPods, which aren’t tailored for this particular technology, establishing a seamless connection isn’t straightforward. Nonetheless, there are workarounds, and the procedure remains largely consistent across all three Xbox variants.

How to Connect AirPods to an Xbox By Connecting to Your Tv

To connect your AirPods to your Xbox, you can establish a connection through your TV or monitor using Bluetooth, provided that your display device supports Bluetooth audio.

Activate Bluetooth on your TV or monitor, typically located in the sound or audio settings.

Open your AirPods case without removing the earbuds.

Hold the case in proximity to your TV or monitor.

Press the white button on the back of the case. If you own AirPods Max, press and hold the noise control button until the buds enter pairing mode.

Wait for your TV or monitor to detect your AirPods.

Select your AirPods on your TV or monitor to establish the pairing.

Once you’ve successfully paired your AirPods with your TV or monitor via Bluetooth, you should be able to enjoy the audio from your Xbox games through the AirPods.

How to Connect AirPods to an Xbox By Using the Xbox App

To link your AirPods to your Xbox, an alternative method involves connecting the AirPods to your Android or iPhone and streaming the game to your phone.

Select the Xbox logo on your Xbox console to open the Guide menu.

Navigate to “Profile & system.”

Select “Settings.”

Go to “Devices & connections.”

Choose “Remote features.”

Check the “Enable remote features” checkbox. This allows wireless streaming of your Xbox gameplay to your phone.

Connect your AirPods to your Android phone or iPhone.

Launch the Xbox app on your phone. If not installed, you can find it on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

Ensure you’re signed in with the same Xbox account as on your console, and your gameplay should start streaming automatically to your mobile phone.

Once the streaming begins, an audio-visual feed will be transmitted from your Xbox console to your phone. As a result, you’ll be able to hear your gameplay through your AirPods, which are already paired with your phone.

Can You Use AirPods for Xbox Game Chat

The feasibility of using your AirPods for Xbox game chat hinges on the method you employ to connect both devices. If you opt for a connection through your television or monitor’s Bluetooth, unfortunately, you won’t be able to utilize your AirPods for Xbox game chat. Nevertheless, if you connect your AirPods through the Xbox mobile application, you should be able to use them for Xbox game chat.

With Xbox remote play in progress, tap the icon located at the top right corner of your screen using your Xbox console.

Select “Unmute” to activate your AirPods microphone.

Conversely, choose “Mute” to deactivate the microphone when needed.

Why Can’t You Connect AirPods to Xbox One Directly?

It’s important to note that you cannot directly connect your AirPods to the Xbox One due to the Xbox using a proprietary wireless protocol called Xbox Wireless, rather than Bluetooth. The Xbox Wireless protocol operates at a higher frequency than Bluetooth, offering advantages such as lower latency and improved sound quality. However, this proprietary protocol renders the Xbox incompatible with standard Bluetooth devices, including AirPods.

How to Connect AirPods to an Xbox One for Party Chat

Hey, grab your Xbox controller and let’s get into gaming mode! First things first, pop in those AirPods and sync them up with your iPhone. Now, dive into the Xbox app on your phone, and make sure you’re signed in to your Xbox Live account.

Head over to the social tab, it’s the second one from the left at the bottom of your screen. If your gaming buddies are already online, tap on one of them and hit the headset icon to start chatting. And if you want to kick off your own gaming party, just go for the headset icon in the top-right corner. Now, you’re all set to chat with your gaming pals using your AirPods, just like you would with a regular gaming headset. Keep in mind, though, that your iPhone needs to be close by during your gaming session since that’s what your AirPods are linked to, not your Xbox or controller.

Why AirPods Don’t Make Great Gaming Headsets

Using AirPods or any Bluetooth headphones as a gaming headset does come with a significant drawback you’re faced with a choice between chatting with friends or hearing the in-game audio; doing both simultaneously isn’t an option.

The issue stems from the fact that Xbox One (as well as Xbox Series consoles) lacks Bluetooth support. Microsoft relies on its exclusive technology, Xbox Wireless, to ensure wireless headsets function seamlessly as gaming headsets. However, the majority of wireless headphones, including Apple’s AirPods, don’t support this proprietary technology. Consequently, you’ll need to weigh the importance of communication with friends against hearing in-game audio when using Bluetooth headphones for gaming on Xbox.

Which Wireless Headphones Support Xbox Wireless?

Xbox Wireless stands out as Microsoft’s exclusive wireless technology designed for headsets, enabling a direct and seamless connection to the console. The market boasts a growing array of headsets compatible with Xbox Wireless, catering to various budgets and preferences. Among the favorites is the Xbox Wireless Headset, a budget-friendly option released in 2022 at just $99. For those seeking a more premium experience, options like the SteelSeries Arctis 9x ($200) and the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Portal are available.

Any headset that supports Xbox Wireless is engineered to function precisely as a gaming headset should. This means it facilitates both game audio reception and communication with friends. Additionally, if you’re indulging in a streaming session of a show or movie through an app on your Xbox, these headsets ensure you catch all the audio details seamlessly.

Will a Bluetooth Adapter Work With AirPods?

Certainly, using a Bluetooth adapter presents its own set of trade-offs. When you employ a Bluetooth adapter that plugs into the controller’s headphone jack and wirelessly connects to your AirPods, you gain the advantage of hearing the in-game audio. However, the drawback lies in the fact that Bluetooth adapters generally lack microphone support, rendering you unable to communicate with your friends. This essentially flips the issue encountered when connecting AirPods to the Xbox app on your smartphone.

Despite this limitation, opting for the Bluetooth adapter route can be a suitable solution, particularly for individuals who primarily use their Xbox for streaming movies and shows. For those who engage in offline gaming and don’t require communication with friends, this approach becomes a viable option. There’s a variety of Bluetooth adapters available, with one of the popular choices being Twelve South’s AirFly Pro, priced at $55.

The Best Ways to Connect AirPods to Xbox

Using Bluetooth headphones like AirPods with Xbox consoles has become a straightforward and cost-effective solution through remote play. However, if you prefer direct access to your Xbox gameplay audio without sacrificing features like voice chat, there are alternative methods that involve additional hardware.

Many modern TVs come equipped with Bluetooth support, allowing headphones to seamlessly connect with Xbox consoles. In this setup, the Xbox console transmits audio to the TV over HDMI, which then wirelessly sends the audio to connected headphones. The process of connecting wireless earbuds, such as AirPods, can vary depending on the TV model, and official documentation is often available on the manufacturer’s website.

For those who want a dedicated solution, third-party Bluetooth adapters designed for Xbox consoles are available. These adapters connect to the Xbox Wireless Controller through the integrated 3.5mm headphone jack. While they offer a low-latency connection for stereo audio, some may require additional steps for pairing and operation.

Although pairing AirPods with Xbox consoles may not be entirely hassle-free, the evolving landscape of Bluetooth support in TVs and the availability of third-party adapters have made it easier than ever to achieve a seamless connection when you find yourself in a tight spot.